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Andrew & CJ Zaeske

Andrew met CJ while in high school. They were married on 12/29/2012. In 2013 Genesis made her appearance.

Andrew and CJ bought a house out by Beaver lake in Aug. of 2017. They reside there with their dog, Mabel, and two cats, Winston and Ganon..

Andrew has been working as a security guard, and is contracted out to guard a Tyson plant here in Rogers.

CJ recently started working at the front desk for Country Inn & Suites, here is Rogers. She also has a yearly job working at the Santa shop, helping people get photos with Santa.

Here's a current photo of Genesis, taken April 25, 2021

(isn't she adorable!!! (not that I'm partial in any way))

Genesis is helping Damon install a garbage disposal in her house, maybe during the summer of 2019.