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Damon & Stella Zaeske.

Damon, Stell, and Sugar,
Christmas 2016

Sugar 2009

Damon met Stella in 1980 when he went to work at A&W Root Beer Drive In, in Oklahoma City. We have been happily married since June of 1982.

Our oldest Christopher came along in January, 1989. With no family left in Oklahoma City, we decided to move to Rogers, AR to be with the rest of the family. So in December, 1989 we moved to Rogers and have been living the good life in Arkansas ever since.

In December, 1991 our second son Andrw was born.

Then finally in December, 1993 our third and final son Bradley was born.

We were in the middle of building our home in 1993 when we found out we were pregnant. We broke the news to mom and dad by asking if we could add another bedroom onto our already framed house. Surprise!!! BTW, no we couldn't add another room.

We've had many animals over the years, but by far our favorite is little Sugar. She has been a great companion to both Damon and Stell since all the children have left home.


Stella writes some very wonderful and heartfelt notes to or for people. Here are some of the things she's written.

Something written by an unknown author - The Broken Chain